The Hockey-Kids

The Hockey-Kids


The Adventure Begins

Sabine Hahn

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100 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783981877076

Verlag: Mon Coq edition

Erscheinungsdatum: 06.11.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Lena, Max and Lars are speechless: Of all people to get landed with, the three friends find themselves in the new hockey project with Lena's cheeky little brother and Tom, the show-off from the soccer club.
Things couldn't get much worse than that! Or could they? What other reasons could they have for secret meetings in the school yard, and what do Tom's red ears mean?
Join them in "The Adventure Begins", the first book in the Hockey-Kids series, when - despite lots of amusing setbacks - a team comes together, the like of which has never seen before! A fascinating adventure all about friendship, school and the greatest sport in the world - hockey!
While there are numerous children's books dedicated to football, The Hockey-Kids gives young readers a chance to discover the wonderful world of hockey. With 100 pages and lots of charming illustrations - also the author's work - this series is particularly suitable for primary school pupils, whether they are new to hockey or already young hockey players.
A motivation epilogue by Marijke Fleuren, President European Hockey Federation, completes the exciting adventure experienced by the three friends Lena, Max and Lars and arouse interest in this sport.
This paperback edition is a sporty opportunity for school's reading in class.
Sabine Hahn

Sabine Hahn

Sabine Hahn nació en 1972 y siguió una formación artística de encuaderación, pedagogía artistica y francés.
Su gran pasión por los libros y el hockey ha hecho surgir la serie infantil de Los Hockey-Kids, serie ilustrada por la misma autora franco-alemana.
Desde la primera aparición en 2014, ha ido recorriendo clubes deportivos y escuelas para presentar a los Hockey-Kids y acercar este desconocido pero maravilloso deporte a todos los niños y niñas.
Con la creación de la editorial MON COQ desde ahora ya dispone de una nueva dirección:
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