The Internal Structure of Periglacial Landforms

The Internal Structure of Periglacial Landforms

Assessments of Subsurface Variations in Permafrost-related and Frost-related Phenomena by Multi-dimensional Geophysical Investigations

Adrian Alexander Emmert


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ISBN-13: 9783958261389

Verlag: Würzburg University Press

Erscheinungsdatum: 27.07.2020

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Periglacial environments are facing dramatic changes. Warming air temperatures and strong snow cover variations fundamentally affect landforming processes in this hotspot region of Climate Change. But before we can assess the response of landform development to a changing climate, we need to enhance our understanding of the internal structure of those landforms. Within this study, a broad scope of landform types from alpine and subarctic regions is investigated: rock glaciers, solifluction lobes, palsas and patterned ground. By using the geophysical methods 2-D and 3-D ERI, as well as GPR surveying, structural differences and similarities between landform units of different or the same landform types are highlighted. This enables a reconstruction of their past and a projection of their future development.
Adrian Alexander Emmert

Adrian Alexander Emmert

geb. 1987, Master of Science (M. Sc., Universität Würzburg)

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