The noble Polish family Alant. Die adlige polnische Familie Alant.

The noble Polish family Alant. Die adlige polnische Familie Alant.

Werner Zurek


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A conglomeration of a disordered, systematically arranged collection of the Polish nobility. On these pages you will find out everything about: descent, aristocracy, aristocratic literature, aristocratic name endings, aristocratic association, genealogy, bibliography, books, family research, research, genealogy, history, heraldry, heraldry, herb, herbarity, indigenous, information, literature, names, nobility files, Nobility, personal history, Poland, Schlachta, Szlachta, coat of arms, coat of arms research, coat of arms literature, nobility, coat of arms, knight, Poland, szlachta, herb, Herbarz. Sammelsurium, vel temere, systematice ordinaretur collectio super principes Poloniae, Gathering, vel timere, systematic ordinaretur collectio super principes Poloniae, Rassemblement, vel timere, ordinaretur systématique super collection Poloniae, Translations in: Polish, English, German, French.
Werner Zurek

Werner Zurek

Werner Zurek was born on 13.03.1952 in Voelklingen, Saarland, as the son of the employee, Heinz Kurt Zurek and his wife Maria, nee Kußler.
At the age of 6, he attended the Catholic Elementary School Voelklingen - Geislautern, and finished the secondary school in Geislautern in 1968
From 1968 - 1970 he started a machinist apprenticeship.
From 1970 to 1972 he completed an apprenticeship at Roechling - Voelklingen as a rolling miller (metallurgical worker).
From 1972 to 1974, soldier was on time for two years at the Bundewehr in Daun, where he was trained as a Horchfunker in the Electronic Battle Reconnaissance. He ended his active service as a sergeant. As a reservist, he was promoted to staff sergeant.
Acquisition of middle maturity at the ILS
In 1975, he applied as a civil servant - candidate at the Ministry of Finance (Federal Customs Administration) After passing the final exam, he served as a border inspector under the Federal Border Protection Act, as a customs officer in tax matters and was therefore also auxiliaries of the prosecutor
In 1975 he married his wife Ulrike, nee Daub.
In 1982, the birth of his daughter Sandra.
In 2014 he retired.
Air defense training at the Technical Relief Agency
Rifle of the Bundewehr
Training at the German Red Cross
State explosives permit
Basic certificate of the German Lifesaving Society
European police sport badge filed with the Federal Customs Administration. Validity also for the European Community.
Admission to the Royal Brotherhood of Saint Teotonius. Protector is the Infant of Portugal, SKH the Duke of Braganza.
Member of the White Lion Society in England.
Veterans cross the Bundeswehr

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