The Ocean of Theosophy

The Ocean of Theosophy

William Judge


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Some twenty-two years ago, the first edition of "The Ocean of Theosophy" was published by its author, Wm. Q. Judge. Since that time thousands of books dealing with Theosophy have been published by more or less prominent students of Theosophy, but unfortunately for the public, none of these show the knowledge, grasp and range which is so evident in the present volume,-and still more unfortunately, the methods pursued by these latter-day writers have served to obscure the fact of the existence of an exposition of Theosophy written by a Teacher of that Science of Life.
As the Author's Preface shows, the book was written in such a manner as to be understood by the ordinary reader; the simplicity of the terms used, however, should not mislead the reader into thinking that the work is an elementary one, for behind and within every statement there is a depth of meaning that the careless and superficial fail to perceive. It is really a simplified text-book of the fundamental teachings of Theosophy, and is found by students of the "Secret Doctrine" to be a true abridgment of that great work and a wonderful aid in its comprehension; it was written with that end in view by the only one competent to do so and is therefore earnestly recommended to every student of Theosophy.
William Judge

William Judge

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