The Plan of Bat the Bat

The Plan of Bat the Bat

A Fairy Tale Not Only For Grownups

Wolfgang Jasmer


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Erscheinungsdatum: 27.03.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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Chatting with a friend about implications of the New Corona Virus, I turned to inventing a bat having planned it all. She soon told me, "write it down & get it published... The world needs a story!". So, after some hestitations, I did. I did not know, where that would lead me.

A virus, I learned, is a bio-chemical program, on the edge of life. Depending on the perspective, it is above or below us.

Man considers to be attacked by Covid-19, and tries to fight it.

And by doing so, they carry out... the Plan of Bat, the bat.

While reading here about it, you may try listening to music of the recommended sound-tracks, at the end of the book.

This e-book is the first publication of the story. Feel free to contact the author for comments, or express interest to use it, or even rewrite it for your own publication purposes. There is no financial interest in this story on the author's side; just the urge to assure, that it is not abused for rassistic or other divisive purposes.

Attention: There are aspects in this book, which may hurt your feelings or beliefs. If so, I'm sorry, and please: let me know. To change something in an e-book should be possible, and I may do so.
Wolfgang Jasmer

Wolfgang Jasmer

Wolfgang Jasmer is a 60+ year old white male, living with his family in Bavaria / Germany.


Since 1986 persona non grata in the USA

Fan of: Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner,
Downtown L.A. and Munich main station.

No-more follower of L. Ron Hubbard.

Not on social media.


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