The Source of the Universe

The Source of the Universe

Intelligent decision making, quantum measurements and gravity are three different traits of a single flame-like random process.

Siegfried Genreith


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ISBN-13: 9783848223572

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To this day it is completely unclear how the phenomenon of consciousness can arise from the basic laws of physics. Just as mysterious is the emergence of our three-dimensional world of experience from the abstract laws of quantum mechanics. In fact, there is a little noticed random process that can resolve all these contradictions. The GenI model describes an evolutionary selection mechanism among ideas for solving a given task. Transformation behaviour and statistics meet exactly the requirements of quantum measurements, while the dynamics of decision-making satisfy Einstein's field equation.
The model suggests, that the perceivable universe is evolving according to the collapse of its quantum state rather than a smoothly evolving wave function as widely believed in modern physics. Consequently, gravitation cannot be directly derived from quantum mechanics or vice versa. Both simply describe distinct perspectives onto the previously unknown swarm-like decision process operating at the very basis of our universe.
GenI requires a fundamental change of perspective. In particular, within the model gravity is only a side effect of an evolutionary selection pressure.
Siegfried Genreith

Siegfried Genreith

Siegfried Genreith studierte Mathematik an der Universität Köln. Während seiner beruflichen Karriere bei einem führenden IT-Unternehmen entwickelte er Anwendungen im Bereich Künstlicher Intelligenz seit den späten 1980er Jahren. Das Studium der wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen von Intelligenz und Bewusstsein wurde für viele Jahre seine Passion. Siegfried Genreith hat drei erwachsene Kinder und lebt in der wunderschönen Landschaft der Eifel.
Siegfried Genreith studied mathematics at the University of Cologne. During his professional career at a world-renowned IT company, he developed applications in the field of artificial intelligence in the late 1980s. The study of the scientific fundamentals of intelligence and consciousness has for many years become his passionate determination. Siegfried has three adult children and lives in the beautiful landscape of the German Eifel.

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