The twofold existence of particles and nuclei

The twofold existence of particles and nuclei

A dual particle model realized in two spaces, space-time and a circular 'Basic space'

Hans-Dieter Herrmann

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ISBN-13: 9783752606362

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Erscheinungsdatum: 15.05.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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Reasons to read this book:
- A method is introduced for the transfer of knowledge from one level of reality to the other in a systematic way, e.g. from the molecular level to the subatomic level, that is from chemistry to particle physics.
- Dark matter is considered to exist in an inaccessible "basic space", not directly observable in space-time.
- Virtual particles become real entities, however in an inaccessible circular space.
- The mass scale of fundamental particles (leptons and quarks) can be calculated using a theoretical model.
- The strange broken charges of quarks are replaced by integer elementary charges of a single quark, the broken values appear as averages over the different states of a quark.
- Singularities caused by the point-like nature of fundamental particles do not occur in basic space, because particles and their subcomponents are extended in basic space. This helps to avoid a lot of mathematical difficulties.
Reasons to be cautious in reading this book:
- The proposed dual particle model describes the existence of the particles in space-time mostly compatible with the Standard Model of particles. However, partially different solutions are used. E.g. a mechanism of mass generation is proposed that does not refer to the Higgs field.
- The physical laws in the circular basic space are mainly compatible with classical mechanics and electrodynamics. However, the Coulomb law is modified in using circular distances between interacting charges instead of linear distances.
Hans-Dieter Herrmann

Hans-Dieter Herrmann

The author
- born 1936 in Meissen, germany
- Physicist, Dipl.-Phys. (nuclear physics) at the University Leipzig, 1959
- Research in radiation measurement techniques, Dr.rer.nat. 1964
- Various duties in radiation protection and in the metrology of ionizing radiation
- Studies in the systematization of natural systems (first manuscripts 1970)
- Continual interest in fundamental problems of physics, study of models of particles and nuclei on a private basis

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