The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Niches

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Niches

Step-by-Step Practical Advice for Freelance Teachers; How to Stand Out in a Crowded Teaching Market and Find A Steady Stream of Students

Janine Bray-Mueller

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Freelance pedagogical businesses face these challenges daily:

* How can I gain visibility on the global teaching market to attract a steady stream of new students?

* How do I secure an adequate income from my work as a freelance teacher?

* How do I avoid capitulating to the three-year death cycle and lose my freelance teaching career?

What you don't need are theoretical discussions about niches and specialising. These require you to locate your 'ideal client profile' or requires you to find 'the sweet spot' between what you love (your passion) and the price people are prepared to pay. These approaches are too vague for busy freelancers.

What you need instead, is a practical hands-on system that works. The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Niches lays out a precise system showing what all freelance teachers, trainers, and coaches need to do to define a teaching niche that helps them to confidently stand out in a crowded teaching marketplace.

* It clarifies what information is essential, how it attracts new students, and how it enables freelancers to monetise their teaching experience.

* It provides you with the skill to write up the text for your teaching niche that will catch the interest of new students searching for private instructors.

All lists, tables and questions are available in both Adobe PDF and MS Word formats. Contact links to Janine are in the back of the book.
Janine Bray-Mueller

Janine Bray-Mueller

Janine Bray-Mueller is a freelancer and former member of the IATEFL Executive Marketing Committee.

She writes to share her knowledge and experience to help other freelancers avoid the 'the three-year death cycle' most freelance teaching careers succumb to by maintaining a healthy teaching business.

Her goal is to help as many freelancers as possible and provide them with solutions to their marketing problems.

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