The Unculture of Internal Medicine

The Unculture of Internal Medicine

Rolf H. Fricke


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Erscheinungsdatum: 08.11.2017

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The author was born in 1963 and is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. For several years he has suffered from a rare and severe illness, during the course of which he experienced the behavior of several consulted internists as ignorant, illogical and callous. The author himself had to arrange for the necessary diagnostics, which led to a lung operation. Without self-medication, he would have suffocated. While conducting research in order to save his own life, he discovered shortcomings in internal medicine which significantly reduce patients' chances of survival. These shortcomings involve invasive fungal diseases, cancer and diabetes. He explains how the theoretical concept of type 2 diabetes is based on a semantic confusion. He recommends replacing the phantom of 'insulin resistance' with the concept of glucose resistance, which cells use to protect themselves from an overabundance of the cell toxin glucose. He proposes the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes be replaced with that of an eating disorder or eating addiction that leads to chronic glucose poisoning. He regards epidemic obesity as an addiction phenomenon and cultural failure. The author bases his structured argumentation on more than 220 scientific publications. His shocking personal experiences and the insights gained from scientific literature are summarized in The Unculture of Internal Medicine.
Rolf H. Fricke

Rolf H. Fricke

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