The Very Moment

The Very Moment

27 english poems by a german poet 1998-2020 (UPGRADE!)

Tomithy Holeapple, Tom de Toys , G&GN Institut (Hrsg.)


36 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783743159617

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 03.06.2020

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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UPGRADED SECOND EDITION: including now the 110th "E.S." love poem! The well-known german poet Tom de Toys ( wrote 27 english poems about the meaning of life since 1998 til 2020. Some of them are congenial free translations of his german oeuvre but most are written originally in english. Now they appear as a complete compilation titled "THE VERY MOMENT" for the very first time!
Tomithy Holeapple

Tomithy Holeapple

Since 1998 Tom de Toys (real name: Thomas Holzapfel = Crabapple) writes short poems and english poems once in a while under the pseudonym of Tomithy Holeapple who translated also some pieces of his german oeuvre. In 2020 his latest poems appeared in the irish online magazine because of the corona pandemic.

Tom de Toys

Tom de Toys

Tom de Toys (author of the german book "MEHR JETZT" = "MORE NOW - CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM SYMBOLICITY TO PRESENTICITY") was born in Jülich (Germany) in 1968 and lived from 1997 til 2012 in Berlin. He published "Direct Poetry" (poetology of transreligious holEism) under more than 40 pseudonyms for almost three decades. Since 1989 he works actively both as a painter and as a performance artist for the philosophy of holEism. In 1990 he founded the so-called G&GN-Institut ("Institute For Complete Nothing@All"): In 1994 he discovered the theory of E.S. ("Extended Sobriety") whereby authentic (i.e. fulfilled) love poetry can be politicised against the conventional misuse of the expression "love" (as in 95% of all fake love poems "longing" is meant indeed). In 2000 he received the very first NAHBELL prize, a very alternative Nobel prize for german contemporary poetry. In 2001 he invented QUANTUM POETRY which was world-premièred at the university of São Paulo (thanks to Goethe-Institut). Since 2012 De Toys lives in the district Eller Süd of Düsseldorf. His german poetry works as well as his photo art and landscape drawings appear already in many themed compilations (all available books @ In 2019, after a thirty year break, he started playing free jazz piano again:

Quotes taken from chosen articles in newspapers:

FAZ 1997: "...the monster poet - mostly he works himself up into some kind of ecstasy: the pioneer of consciousness wants to overcome by means of his art any sort of religion..."

taz 1999: "...the one with his 'Unprovoked Appresence' whose essential message is eternal presence..."

G&GN Institut

G&GN Institut (Hrsg.)

In 1990 Tom de Toys founded the so-called G&GN-Institut ("Institute For Complete Nothing@All") under the pseudonym of Sebastian Nutzlos and Samuel Lépo. G&GN operates as a publisher and organizer within the german scene of so-called underground literature that refers to beat literature and the social beat movement as original classical pop poetry. Since 2001 his institute owns the german trademark POEMiE. In 2017 the 3rd festival for so-called "off poetry" was managed by G&GN powered by the Ministry for Family Affairs. His catalogue of questions about the participating authors is accepted by the Ministry for School and Education in North Rhine-Westphalia to be used as teaching aids in lessons about contemporary live poetry:

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