Voices of Resistance

Voices of Resistance

Max Wilbert: We Choose to Speak & other essays

Max Wilbert , Boris Forkel (Hrsg.)

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We live in a world on the brink. As the climate crisis intensifies, racism and patriarchy rise and corporate control expands. What can be done?
We Choose to Speak features a collection of essays by writer and organizer Max Wilbert exploring these topics and their solutions. These essays examine the violence embedded in modern economies, sexual objectification, grassroots resistance campaigns, and the need for truly revolutionary movements. Featuring material written over a six-year period, this collection provides a unique insight into the development of a radical critique, and works to chart a course to a sane, just future.
Max Wilbert

Max Wilbert

Max Wilbert is a third-generation organizer who grew up in Seattle's post-WTO anti-globalization and undoing racism movement. He has been an organizer for more than 15 years. He is co-author of the forthcoming book "Bright Green Lies," which looks at the problems with mainstream so-called "solutions" to the climate crisis.

Boris Forkel

Boris Forkel (Hrsg.)

Boris Forkel is a radical environmentalist, social rights activist and subsistence farmer. The books he publishes with his press BabylonApocalypse inspire and encourage dissidents to break through an increasingly narrow public discourse and spread the seeds of decisive resistance and radical social change.

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