What LinkedIn Beginners Really Need to Know

What LinkedIn Beginners Really Need to Know

Introduction & Short Guide for People New to the World of LinkedIn

Astrid Schmidtchen

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Welcome to the powerful world of LinkedIn. Get in the driver's seat and take control of your profile and your content. But before you launch, it's wise to have a basic understanding, learn what you should do and what to avoid. In this compact guide you'll discover how to better control your image on the LinkedIn platform, you'll learn from examples and find help through expert sources. Written by a professional LinkedIn profile writer, this resource provides a quick, targeted solution for people new to the world of job searching and business networking. Both a general introduction for people without a lot of LinkedIn confidence or a large body of professional experience, it's also a quick refresher for anyone already on LinkedIn, providing some new, helpful nuggets that you can implement on your existing profile.

Who's this book for?
+ career starters, career changers or people re-entering the job market who have never used LinkedIn or social media for business before
+ experienced specialists or skilled employees with no LinkedIn profile until now
+ recent graduates or university students seeking an internship or practicum
+ entrepreneurs, creatives or freelancers who've never considered using a LinkedIn profile before
+ people with a basic profile that needs improvement
+ members of LinkedIn with an empty profile (no content, no picture)

What you'll get:
+ A fast introductory resource written by a professional LinkedIn profile writer & resume writer
+ Examples and concrete lists of do's and don'ts with short explanations
+ LinkedIn components explained: the headline, job title, summary, task descriptions, special achievements, role of networking and recruiters
+ Screenshots, insider ideas and tips to help you get your message across using limited field space
+Learn to step into your readers' shoes and what business audiences want to see
+ Recommended sources for further information and inspiration for your job search and crafting a LinkedIn profile
+ Bonus Linked Background Graphics: A link to 14 customized graphics for your LinkedIn cover

What readers have said:
Maggie L., USA: "As a true techno-phobe, I was reluctant to dive into LinkedIn, until I found this book..."
Suzanne M., USA: "I had never really ventured into the world of LinkedIn and never really considered how LinkedIn could be truly useful in promoting my activities and personal brand. This was a great food for thought introduction!"
Astrid Schmidtchen

Astrid Schmidtchen

Astrid Schmidtchen is the founder of CareerLove Writing Services. She is a resume consultant, writer and editor who loves helping people move their careers forward. For over 10 years she has helped thousands of clients around the world by creating original content for job applications, social media and online business profiles. With an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Toronto and following a non-traditional path herself, she encourages a wholistic approach in which authenticity and self-understanding directs your professional journey. Astrid runs a successful online business, hosts workshops and enjoys brainstorming with clients in person.

For more information about the author visit:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AstridCareerLove
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/careerlove
Twitter: twitter.com/astridcvcoach
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/astridschmidtchen

For more FREE CareerLove Resources: Visit careerlove.info/shop for free downloads featuring resume & CV checklists, planning & brainstorming tools for your projects and work-life balance activities and free samples from the LinkedIn Background Images Collections.

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