White Lilies Manor

White Lilies Manor

They haunt. They catch. They kill.

Janina Raven

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ISBN-13: 9783752653632

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Erscheinungsdatum: 22.10.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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Fifteen-year-old Sparrow moved in with her mysterious host family nearly a year ago now. Her time in the Victorian manor with two fellow students is unremarkable until Summer Solstice draws closer and she finds a newspaper article - an article speaking about terrible rites related to the murder of three teens. Here, in White Lilies Manor. From that moment on, nothing is the same.
Sparrow barely survives several murder attempts before managing to escape the manor and fleeing into the nearby forest. Together with the two other students - nerd Thorne and drama queen Jasmine - she has to come up with a plan to escape the manor's heavily protected estate and avoid the rite on Summer Solstice at all costs. Even if that means having to go back into White Lilies Manor...
Janina Raven

Janina Raven

The author Janina Raven is a 15-year-old German girl who has already published a novel and novella in German, which are called "Rebel School" and "Tungldraumur".
"White Lilies Manor" is her first published work in English.
She has been writing since her early childhood and besides that, she also likes drawing, photographing and listening to music.

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