44 Letters to Gustav Meyrink

44 Letters to Gustav Meyrink

English Translation

Alois Mailander, Erik Dilloo-Heidger , Chris Allen (Hrsg.)

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Gustav Meyrink (1868 -1932) visited Alois Mailander several times between 1892 and 1905 and tested Mailander's mystical path.

The letters published here report details from Meyrink's lifeperiod in Prague, of which one could get little information so far, and speak of the dynamism that made the banker Gustav Meyer a writer.
Alois Mailander

Alois Mailander

Alois Mailander (1843 -1905), a Christian mystic, was a personal guide in inner life for many artists from the Munich and Vienna milieu.
Mailänder advocated a method that should awaken "the inner word" in those who accepted it. The letters from Mailander presented here are a valuable personal testimony of a person about whom much is conjectured and yet so little is known.

Erik Dilloo-Heidger

Erik Dilloo-Heidger

Erik Dilloo-Heidger (born 1951) lives with his wife in Überlingen on Lake Constance.
He studied German literature and Mathematics, as well as Catholic Theology with a focus on "Liberation Theology". As a teacher, he worked in elementary and secondary schools.
He dealt with questions of the history of religion, most recently with the rediscovery of the yoga idea in the 19th century.

Chris Allen

Chris Allen (Hrsg.)

Christon Allen was born near the border of Arizona and New Mexico in 1951.
He and his wife live in Arizona and are parents of four children and 16 grandchildren. Chris earned a business degree from Arizona State University and also did graduate work in English Literature. He became interested in metaphysics as a teenager, and has been an Anthroposophist for the past thirty years. Chris has been involved with Waldorf education for many years as well, serving on school boards in Arizona and Utah.

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