Analysis of Switching Resistive Circuits

Analysis of Switching Resistive Circuits

A Method Based on the Unification of Boolean and Ordinary Algebras

Ilija Barukcic, Okoh Ufuoma


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To date, it is well known that it is impossible or at least meaningless to divide a number by zero. In the same respect,
we are allowed to multiply by zero, to add zero, and to subtract zero. In other words, some operations with zero are allowed. Where does such a contradiction originates from, what is zero? Are the properties of zero responsible for such a no-go or today's valid mathematical rules, we have to take into account while operating with zero, or both or none?
Is zero just really nothing, a number without any definite or distinct properties?
Even after publication of many papers on the division by zero by different authors, including the authors of this book too, it turned out to be that there is no end in sight of this long lasting and not ending puzzle in mathematics and in science as such. The following book is designed to provide further evidence and to strengthen and to justify our confidence about the possibility of a logically consistent division by zero.
Ilija Barukcic

Ilija Barukcic

Ilija Barukcic, a medical doctor and specialist of internal medicine, Horandstrasse, DE-26441 Jever, Germany, studied human medicine at the University of Hamburg, Germany, 1982-1989. Barukcic is working on the relationship between a cause and an effect and on the associated philosophical, physical and mathematical topics like the division of 0 by 0 since his university studies.

Okoh Ufuoma

Okoh Ufuoma

Okoh Ufuoma is currently a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Science at the Federal Polytechnic Ekowe (FPE), Ughelli Campus (formerly Ogor Campus), Delta State, Nigeria. He received his B. Eng. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Ondo State, Nigeria. He is currently doing intensive research on the analysis and design of networks-electrical/electronic networks and piping networks.

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