Autism - Sexuality - Relationships

Autism - Sexuality - Relationships

Bernhard J. Schmidt, Christiane Döhler, Deniz Döhler


140 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783746092386

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.02.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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The current state of society presents an alarming prospect for those with autism:
- low quality of life when it comes to health
- a high risk of becoming a victim of bullying, exploitation, and/or violence
- an increased risk for physical and psychological illnesses
- a significantly increased risk of dying early
- increased risk of suicide

And, particularly when it comes to sexuality and relationships:
- a high risk of becoming a victim of physical or sexual abuse

If we wish to help those with autism achieve successful and healthy relationships and sexuality, society needs to undergo a fundamental change. To succeed, we need a new socio-psychological/dynamic developmental view of autism that takes both society and culture into account.
This book explores why this has not yet happened, and what exactly needs to change: the specific, concrete, practical approaches we can take to improving the lives of those with autism.
Bernhard J. Schmidt

Bernhard J. Schmidt

geboren 1962 in Dortmund,
eremitierter Universaldilettant

Christiane Döhler

Christiane Döhler

Game and Theatre Educator and Author. 
Managing Director of the AuJA Spielräume gUG (h.b.) (charitable organization) as of 2012.
Education and support for children and young adults with autism.
Active for companies, schools, kindergartens and in psychotherapy and ergotherapy practices from 1999. 
Consultant for continued education on the subject of autism, team building, promoting creativity, promoting social competence and language acquisition.
Mother of an autistic child. 
Has completed courses at the Autism Treatment Center of America on the subject of child-centred support.

Deniz Döhler

Deniz Döhler

German-Turkish Game and Theatre Educator,
Author. Managing Director of the AuJA Spielräume gUG (h.b.) (charitable organization). Education and support for children and young adults with autism on a voluntary basis.
Education degree in philosophy, German, English, and the aesthetics of music with concentration on becoming a teacher, and a focus on intercultural and anti-racist education, integration, and game and theatre education.
Active in schools in deprived areas of Berlin and Bremen since 1999, as well as in kindergartens, universities, socio-cultural institutions, companies and workshops for the disabled.
Speaker on the topics of autism, language acquisition, intercultural communication, innovation, improvisation and integration.
Co-prize winner of the Bremer Promotional Award for Integration (2008, 2nd place).
Father of an autistic child and assistant for individual cases for autistic children.
Continued education at the Berliner Institut für tiefenpsychologische und existentielle Psychotherapie (Berlin Institute for Depth and Existential Psychotherapy, or BITEP) as of 2012.

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