Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017

Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017

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Georg Jacobs (Hrsg.), Christian Brecher (Hrsg.), Rik W. Doncker (Hrsg.), Kay Hameyer (Hrsg.), Dirk Abel (Hrsg.), Antonello Monti (Hrsg.), Wolfgang Schröder (Hrsg.)

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The conference proceedings of the 3rd Conference for Wind Power Drives (CWD) contains the collected contributions of the congress which took place on the 7th and 8th of March, 2017. The latest developments and innovations are presented in 40 articles covering the following topics: Plain bearings in WTG gearboxes; Wind turbine gearboxes; Gearboxes - Planetary stage; Materials in WTG; Reliability; Condition monidtoring systems; Bearings and WEC; Electric systems; Blade and main bearings; Modelling and simulation; Wind 4.0.
The CWD has been held every two years since 2013 and acts as an interdisciplinary platform for knowledge and technology transfer between developers, researchers and operators. Furthermore, the conference promotes networking between industry and university in the field of wind turbine drive trains. The conference is supported by the Association for Power Transmission Engineering in VDMA (German Engineering Federation) and the Research Association for Drive Technology (FVA).

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Georg Jacobs

Georg Jacobs (Hrsg.)

Christian Brecher

Christian Brecher (Hrsg.)

Rik W. Doncker

Rik W. Doncker (Hrsg.)

Kay Hameyer

Kay Hameyer (Hrsg.)

Dirk Abel

Dirk Abel (Hrsg.)

Antonello Monti

Antonello Monti (Hrsg.)

Wolfgang Schröder

Wolfgang Schröder (Hrsg.)

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