Aurélienne Dauguet


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ISBN-13: 9783944700243


Erscheinungsdatum: 23.02.2021

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Am I just the way I am and always have been and there is nothing to be shaken about?

Or am I on earth to discover, explore, develop and express myself and my being?

Or again, am I incarnated here in order to hone, refine and ennoble my personality and to connect it in harmony with my essence?

Self-determined and sincere, I progress through the world and remember my inherent divine spark. As a creator and in harmony with my higher self, I live out my eternal and multidimensional aspects in everyday life.

Supportive steps can be found in this work as well as in-depth explanations of the diverse processes involved in creating a new self-image.

This encouraging work for self-knowledge throws a transformative light on the human being as a spiritual being in the middle of the current upheaval and breakthrough. The metamorphosis is in full swing. The necessity and the responsibility to create a different image of man are in the hands of each individual. A new self-image for everyone immediately creates a differentiated identity for all of humanity.
Aurélienne Dauguet

Aurélienne Dauguet

Aurélienne Dauguet (born 1953 in Paris) has had a strong subtle ability to perceive since her youth. Initially working as a nurse (additional psychiatry), she is now a lecturer at the Paracelsus schools in Germany and Switzerland for auratherapy, fine-material radionics, the dying process from a holistic point of view, mental healing, etc.
The current teaching offer is available from the Paracelsus schools.
Further education: lithotherapy, aura work, aromatherapy, flower and gem essence radiesthesia, subtle radionics (without equipment), "Radionic Practitioner" according to the "British Radionic Association" and with David Tansley, Aura Soma training with Vicky Wall. Aurélienne Dauguet was Aura Soma teacher.
Teaching and seminar activities on the subject of aura take place throughout Europe.
For about 30 years, she has been offering reading and cleaning the aura, consultations, individual sessions, individual lessons and remote support in German, English and French, both in her own rooms and by telephone.

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