Darts mentaltraining "Head Games"

Darts mentaltraining "Head Games"

English Edition

Richard Weese


96 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783752824148

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.07.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Darts mental training Head Games and more than three hours audiobook

My book HEAD GAMES is an ideal addition to the regular darts training.

It is not a cure all solution to improve your game from naught to sixty, so you can dart as van Gerven does but

It is a workbook with a lot of applicable tips and tricks,
audio data that comes in where the mental strength is developed the subconsciousness!

I created the book HEAD GAMES the way the modern sportsmental training works, so that you are able to improve your game and also show your strength while the competition.

About me: My Name is Richard, 52 Years old/young, and I live in Bavaria southern part of germany

-mental-hypnosis coach
-relaxation therapist
-team leader: progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson

Darts mental coach of many german top darts players and talents.

-Lakeside BDO world championship 2018 semi-finalist Michael Unterbuchner
-WDF Europe Youth Cup winner 2015
-European youth champion soft tip darts 2016 and 2017
-German champion steel and soft tip darts
-Bavarian darts champion 2018
-first national league players
-PDC participants
and more

Why you should buy the book HEAD GAMES?

Not only experts agree that darts is a total head game. It is said that: 80 percent of darts is a mind thing and the rest of it is a mental

I share this opinion and I know that hardly anyone concentrates on the one thing that is the road to success.. the mental abilities, the HEAD GAME

You want to improve your game and also enjoy it and to learn something for your private life in addition? So catch the book and work with it!

To the contents of the book HEAD GAMES

-a written part with 96 pages. Amusing, easy to read and very compact. Loosened up with pictures and art desing.

The topics are also:
-concentration, flow, self confidence
-control of thinking while the game
-routine while competitions
-body language and the effect on the brain-
-positive goals and target achievement
-the way the subconsciousness works
-hypnotic anchor
-sport hypnosis
-enjoy the match
-to handle the pressure and put you at ease
-real life examples
and much more!

The mp3 audio files more than 3 hours

1. Introduction to the mp3 audio files
2. audio competition
3. audio hypnotic anchor
4. audio dartitis
5. audio deep relaxation
6. audio let go loosen blockade
7. audio improve of self-confidence/self-assurance
Richard Weese

Richard Weese

Mein Name ist Richard Weese, 52 Jahre alt und aus dem schönen Oberbayern (Stand 2018)

Ich bin ausgebildeter Hypnose-Mental Coach


Kursleiter für progressive Muskelrelaxation nach Jacobson

Dart Mental Coach für einige deutschsprachige Top Spieler darunter

BDO WM Halbfinalist
Jugend Europameister in Steel und E-Dart
Deutsche Meister
Bayrischer Meister
Bundesliga Spieler Steel-E-Dart
PDC Teilnehmer
und natürlich auch ambitionierte Hobby Spieler.

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