Eating Well With Baby Belly

Eating Well With Baby Belly

Healthy Eating While Pregnant (Pregnancy Nutrition Guide)

Luke Eisenberg


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"About the book" Eating Well With Baby Belly: Healthy Eating While Pregnant (Pregnancy Nutrition Guide)

Pregnancy is a good introduction to a conscious diet that will benefit parents and children in the long run. With few exceptions, the same recommendations apply as for women who are not pregnant.

Eating well-balanced and staying active is good for every phase of life, especially during pregnancy. The baby eats with the umbilical cord and regular exercise provides the baby with oxygen. A balanced and varied diet and an active lifestyle are beneficial for the health of mother and child, preferably long after pregnancy!

Your body needs more vitamins and minerals from the beginning of pregnancy than usual, but no extra calories. Only in the last few months of pregnancy do you need a little more energy. This means: No longer eating, but choosing foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

In this pregnancy guide you will find out which nutrients you should take care of and consume in sufficient quantities!

Learn more about:

... optimal nutrition in this special time
... calorie requirement and weight gain
... important vitamins, trace elements and minerals
... food that should be avoided
... about artificial and natural food supplements
... and about nutrition and maintaining health during breastfeeding

Get this book NOW and become a better eater!
Luke Eisenberg

Luke Eisenberg

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