Controversies in ELT

Controversies in ELT

What you always wanted to know about teaching English but were afraid to ask

Maurice Claypole


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This thought-provoking and informative collection of essays covers a broad spectrum of topics including:

• Why the communicative approach is dead and what to do about it
• How to implement blended learning in day-to-day English teaching
• Virtual worlds and why English teachers should get a second life
• The different roles played by the language teacher
• The value of translation in language teaching
• Whether native English speakers really make better teachers
• Why you should NOT be teaching International English
• A more effective way to teach Technical English
• The truth about Superlearning and suggestopaedia
• The secret to being a good English teacher

And as you might expect from a book subtitled what you always wanted to know about teaching English but were afraid to ask, it even includes a chapter on teaching the English of that forbidden subject, sex.

Also released for the first time in book form are chapters on the author’s unique insight into the correlation between language, set theory and fractal mathematics – and the consequences for English teachers.

‘Controversy is evident from the very first chapter … it was high time to dust off the cobwebs in the EFL/ELT business.’

‘This book provides a refreshing look at old concepts, opens our eyes to new perspectives and encourages teachers to venture along new paths.’

– Elke Schulth, Chair of ELTAS
Maurice Claypole

Maurice Claypole

In over thirty years as a teacher of English as a Foreign or Second Language (EFL/ESL) and well-known for his entertaining and informative talks on the ELT conference and lecture circuit, Maurice Claypole has amassed a wealth of practical experience to add to his formal qualifications in the fields of education and languages.

In Controversies in ELT, he passes on his insights and expertise in his customary candid manner.

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