Ethics of Marriage

Alice B. Stockham , Heinz Schott (Hrsg.)

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ISBN-13: 9783744815086

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Erscheinungsdatum: 04.05.2017

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Alice B. Stockham took 'KAREZZA' from the Italian term 'carezza' meaning petting or gentle stroking. Because of birth control as well as 'spiritual exaltation' she pled for a radical change of sexual behavior. She was convinced, that there was a tremendous difference between the usual copulation ending with orgasm respectively ejaculation and the sexual merging according to the Karezza technique without a climax. In spite of the 'sexual revolutions' during the 20th century her Karezza method has been generally ignored until today. But it may give men and women a chance to control the sexual drive by means of their own mental power which can be successfully trained.
Alice B. Stockham

Alice B. Stockham

Alice Bunker Stockham (1833-1912) was a gynecologist from Chicago, an enthusiastic fighter for a marital and sexual reform. She was the fifth woman in the U.S.A., who got the degree of a Medical Doctor. Apart from her medical practice she was engaged in charity and interested in spiritual topics. She also applied homeopathy, fought against alcoholism, served probably sometimes as a trance medium and was an active feminist, a suffragette. It is time to rediscover the life and work of this outstanding figure.

Heinz Schott

Heinz Schott (Hrsg.)

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Heinz Schott ist Professor für Geschichte der Medizin. Von 1987 bis 2016 leitete er das Medizinhistorische Institut der Universität Bonn.

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