Make yeast yourself

Make yeast yourself

Through the crisis with yeast water

Emma Magians


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It was a coincidence that I even tried making wild yeast. In search of natural home remedies to make my family and I more independent of the industry, I came up with an information-rich explanation with pictures. However, there were no recipes. Or hints or tips on how to use them. But the idea of living more naturally and therefore healthier fascinated me. And just like you may be right now, I was very skeptical at the beginning. I was afraid that maybe I could and would breed the wrong organisms.

But I can take this uncertainty away from you immediately. It works perfectly if you work cleanly and exactly according to my instructions. And the more you vary with the ingredients, the more diverse your yeast will be.
There are many different organisms and microorganisms all around us. However, if handled correctly, the yeast will prevail, which you can check at the latest with the smell. You will quickly notice whether it worked or not.

So that you then also know how to use the homemade wild yeast correctly and variedly, I give you detailed instructions. Back then I unfortunately did not have it myself and learned a lot by trying it out.

At the end of my book, I answered the questions that have been asked most frequently. The contents of this book reflect my current, scientific and experimental status at the time of publication and were written to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Many of the recipes given have been and will be made available as videos on my YouTube channel. In the event that the instructions are not yet detailed enough for you or you just want to see what it looks like in practice.

And now I wish you a lot of fun with the new, healthier way of eating and of course good luck with baking!
Emma Magians

Emma Magians

Emma Magians was born in January 1977 north of Hamburg. She lives there today, a little isolated, together with her husband and children. She inherited the joy of writing from her grandmother.

After graduating from high school, she successfully completed a commercial apprenticeship and tried out various industries until she turned her hobby into her profession in her mid-thirties. Now you can enjoy doing things with your family much more, especially traveling together. Emma Magians loves to try innovations, likes to go to musicals and to the cinema. She enjoys mild summer evenings on the terrace with her husband and children, as well as funny console afternoons when it rains.

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