Modeling, Analysis and Enhancement of the performance of a Wind Driven DFIG During steady state and transient conditions

Modeling, Analysis and Enhancement of the performance of a Wind Driven DFIG During steady state and transient conditions

Mohmoud Mossa


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ISBN-13: 9783954891399

Verlag: Anchor Academic Publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 17.01.2014

Sprache: Deutsch

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Recently, wind electrical power systems are getting a lot of attention since they are cost competitive, environmentally clean, and safe renewable power source as compared with the fossil fuel and nuclear power generation. A special type of induction generator, called a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG), is used extensively for high-power wind applications. They are used more and more in wind turbine applications due to the ease of controllability, the high energy efficiency, and the improved power quality.This research aims to develop a method of a field orientation scheme for control both, the active and the reactive powers of a DFIG that are driven by a wind turbine. Also, the dynamic model of the DFIG, driven by a wind turbine during grid faults, is analyzed and developed, using the method of symmetrical components. Finally, this study proposes a novel fault ride-through (FRT) capability with a suitable control strategy (i.e. the ability of the power system to remain connected to the grid during faults).
Mohmoud Mossa

Mohmoud Mossa

Mohmoud Mossa has been teaching undergraduate courses in electrical engineering at the Faculty of engineering, Minia University, Egypt since 2009. Thereby, he specializes in electrical machine, electrical machines and control laboratory, control, power electronics, PLC programming and applications, protection, and electronic measurements. The author is the trainer and supervisor of the Lab. of Tractions and Drives (Siemens Lab), and supports professors in the design of projects, and the in the supervision of students. Further, Mohmoud Mossa is the author of several publications. For instance, he has published research papers that are entitled ‘Enhancement of Fault Ride Through Capability of Wind Driven DFIG Connected to the Grid’ published by the Journal of Engineering Sciences, ‘Novel Scheme for Improving the Performance of a Wind Driven DFIG During Grid Fault’ published by the multi-science publishing website, and ‘Field Orientation Control of a Wind Driven DFIG Connected to the Grid’ that was published by the WSEAS publishing academy.

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