Orphan Black: Crazy Media Science

Orphan Black: Crazy Media Science

Cosima Niehaus: Lesbian representation and its influence on the queer community

JJ Herdegen


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This academic paper is with the objective of investigating how representation of female homosexuality and femininity occurs of the character Cosima Niehaus from the television series Orphan Black. A character and relationship analysis of the lesbian Cosima will show the presentation of these two topics. The impact on the spectators of the series in this field and the use of stereotyping will be examined. Also it will be demonstrated how the impersonators Tatiana Maslany and Kathryn Alexandre (acting double) experience Cosima, which contributes representation. Up-to-date literature and internet sources, plus a survey and an interview conducted by the author enables this investigation. It will lead to the importance of medial representation of female homosexuality (thus including the topic femininity) and therefore also the importance of LGBTQIA+ topics for our whole society, to communicate an understanding of tolerance, one's own identity, the identity of others and the perception of reality. Consequently Orphan Black will be illuminated as pioneer in exemplary LGBTQIA+ representation.
JJ Herdegen

JJ Herdegen

JJ Herdegen, born 1991 in Germany, studied film directing (Bachelor of Arts) and media science (Master of Arts). She is a creator of diverse media, author, podcaster and queer activist. Her knowledge of media science and its combination with her creative soul enables a unique insight and access into the field of representation and stereotyping for everyone. Her passion for LGBTQIA+ media content, her personal and professional experiences as a queer woman, her curiosity for human diversity and her love for exchange motivate her to stand with and for her conviction that #Representation Matters and to create out of exactly that.
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Instagram: jj_herdegen
Facebook: JJ Herdegten

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