Paradoxical World of Networks

Paradoxical World of Networks

For whoever has will be given more...

Walter Karban

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ISBN-13: 9783903051140

Verlag: inMotion Publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.03.2021

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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More than two decades ago, global networks promised great freedom for individual and economic developments and set out to revolutionize the world of communication and information. A critical look at developments since then, however, makes one suspect that a trend has emerged that paradoxically turns the promised freedoms into captivity. The world of communication and information has changed significantly and is on a continuing struggle for credibility.

This book identifies principles and reasons that reinforce this view, as well as possible approaches to turn the interconnectedness of the world into a positive force; intended as a contribution to the discourse to lead us into the future.

Many philosophical considerations, questions, and problems that have been posited and problems that have accompanied people on their way for thousands of years are also applicable to the modern world. The rapidly changing world meets the human being, who has always asked the same questions.
Walter Karban

Walter Karban

Walter Karban, who spent more than four decades as an entrepreneur in the context of information technology, was one of the first protagonists of the early Internet in Austria (1994 to 2009). With his company he was a partner of well-known enterprises in database development and platform design, as well as the developer and operator of a regional search engine and of anonymization services used worldwide.

He is certified as a data protection officer and holds a doctorate in philosophy / cultural studies with a focus on network theory, systems, and complexity.

The positions presented in this book are based on his experience as an IT developer, his involvement with philosophical problems which are partly the result of lectures and discussions at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Vienna and at the Danube University of Krems

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