Powerful communication for product manager

Powerful communication for product manager

Set the stage for reliable market facts and successful collaboration

Ulrike Laubner, Katharina Brunner, Frank Lemser, Eduardo Lopes


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ISBN-13: 9783752855050

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 05.11.2018

Sprache: Englisch

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Both companies and HR consultants consider communication to be the most important social skill for the future. For you as a product manager, good communication skills are decisive, both for your career and to ensure that you deliver a successful product. Yet we often still hear complaints about communication not functioning well with other departments and about the lack of acceptance of product management in many companies.
Using examples from the real world of business, this unique self-help guide looks at the typical communication difficulties which often arise and highlights potential solutions. There are also several exercises for you to test your new knowledge. The communication skills you acquire will simplify your everyday working life: You will improve your communication skills. You will learn how to convey information more effectively and how to convince stakeholders of your ideas.You will enhance your ability to pose tactical questions in order to increase your knowledge of the market. You will build up skills which will enable you to deliver customer-focused product management.
Your company will benefit in different ways: senior management will be able to make decisions faster and development teams will be able to carry out their development work according to real market requirements. In addition, the sales team will find selling easier and employees will get more enjoyment out of their work.
I wish you every success in putting these ideas into practice. You will soon find you are experiencing more acceptance from the various departments you deal with.
Ulrike Laubner

Ulrike Laubner

Ulrike Laubner is an expert in product management. She has a profound knowledge of the value which product managers generate for a company, having herself spent time working as a product manager and in other leadership roles in various international companies. She understands the challenges involved in communications and knows what it is like to come up against internal hurdle. She has experienced this situation herself. Her methods of improving communication skills are very convincing on account of both their ability to be implemented quickly and the visibility of the success they bring about. The information which provides the basis for her knowledge has been collected from a range of companies and industries and she has worked with the methods herself.

She enables companies and employees to develop their expertise in product management through certified training courses, workshops and consultancy. Companies and product managers achieve a noticeable improvement in collaboration and are able to launch new products onto the market faster through systematic product management and effective methods of communication.

As a member of the international non-profit organisation Toastmasters, she coaches and trains other members. Through this initiative, they are given training in communication and management skills which they can use in both their private and their professional environments.

Ulrike Laubner is lecturer, speaker and author of over hundred articles about productmanagement.

Katharina Brunner

Katharina Brunner

Katharina Brunner spent 20 years working with considerable success in the field of corporate communications for number of companies, based both in Germany and further afield, before setting up her own consultancy focusing on user experience in 2014. She had already laid the foundations for this with her degree in Journalism and Communication Studies. With her company Maevis Consulting, which is based in Zurich, she advises companies who want to make user-friendly and successful products on improving the interfaces between product management, IT and marketing.

Frank Lemser

Frank Lemser

Frank Lemser is a Business Engineer and has been involved with his passionate interest, product management, since the year 2000, in both practical and academic terms.
As Managing Director of and coach for proProduktmanagement GmbH, he trains and issues certification to product managers according to Open Product Management Workflow. He developed Open Product Management Workflow and its tools for product management in order to simplify collaboration with other departments, thereby saving valuable time for all those involved. He is regularly faced by new challenges in his training and consultancy sessions and succeeds in providing solutions for profitable product management.

Eduardo Lopes

Eduardo Lopes

Eduardo Lopes has been working as a product, marketing and project manager in the engineering and connectivity industries since the year 2010. His style of product management is distinguished by products which create value as well as by a rapid time-to-market. For his Bachelor thesis, he carried out an in-depth investigation into the subject of product launches in the B2B market.

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