SCCharts - Language and Interactive Incremental Compilation

SCCharts - Language and Interactive Incremental Compilation

Christian Motika

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ISBN-13: 9783746009391

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Erscheinungsdatum: 15.12.2017

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Safety-critical systems are a subclass of reactive systems, a dominating class of computer systems. Such systems control airbags in cars, flaps of aircrafts, or pace makers. Software for these systems must be reliable. Hence, a language and tooling is needed that allows to build and maintain reliable software models. Furthermore, a reliable compiler is required to obtain decent machine-understandable and executable code from highly abstract models.
This thesis presents SCCharts, a Statecharts-based visual and synchronous modeling language for specifying and designing safety-critical software systems and for deriving their implementations.
Christian Motika

Christian Motika

Christian Motika studied computer science at Kiel University and specialized in the fields of embedded systems, synchronous languages, and model-driven engineering. Since 2017, he works in the aerospace industry as a system and software engineer at Philotech, a primary Airbus supplier.

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