The enigmatic predecessor of Tutankhamun

Michael E. Habicht


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The book presents the various theories on the phantom-like Amarna-ruler Smenkhkare. His or her identity and sex and rule are still unclear and debated. It starts with the name Smenkhkare Djeser Kheperu Ankh-Khepru-Ra which are in fact not one birth- and one throne name - but two throne names. This point to the possibility, that Smenkhkare is a constructed identity and someone else is behind it: He or she may be the Hittite Prince Zananza, or Queen Nefertiti as successor of Akhenaton, or a younger and never mentioned son of Amenhotep III or another, unknown member of the royal family in Amarna. The mummy in KV 55 is a vital element of the great enigma of Egyptology.
The electronic version includes the updates on the theory of Nicholas Reeves published in summer 2020.
Michael E. Habicht

Michael E. Habicht

The author is a Senior Research Fellow at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia and works as an archaeologist. His numerous publications cover a wide variety of topics ranging from palaeopathological studies, mummy studies and works on medieval topics. In the field of mummy studies, he has published several papers, especially on the topic of the identification of royal mummies. He also published studies on diseases and behaviour under stress or technical examination methods. The author has also worked on other research projects on scientific forgeries and war-time and crisis cross-dressing in other cultures and time periods.

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