Structuring Doctoral Education

Structuring Doctoral Education

Alexandra Bitusikova (Hrsg.), Lucy Johnston (Hrsg.), Brigitte Lehmann (Hrsg.), Rebekah Smith McGloin (Hrsg.), Lucas Zinner (Hrsg.)

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ISBN-13: 9783743189676

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Erscheinungsdatum: 29.06.2017

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In order to better understand opportunities, challenges and innovations in doctoral education, we argue for further work and greater focus on the impact of the reform over the last two decades on the quality and characteristics of research training. In particular we call for a focus on policy, governance and management, the impact of the changes at program level and how the structuring and professionalization of doctoral education affects the supervisor-supervisee relationship. Many of these questions currently remain unanswered and some are not even widely posed

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Alexandra Bitusikova

Alexandra Bitusikova (Hrsg.)

Lucy Johnston

Lucy Johnston (Hrsg.)

Brigitte Lehmann

Brigitte Lehmann (Hrsg.)

Rebekah Smith McGloin

Rebekah Smith McGloin (Hrsg.)

Lucas Zinner

Lucas Zinner (Hrsg.)

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