The Art to always be creative

The Art to always be creative


36 inspirations & motivations for artists to be creative every day.

Evelyn Pröll


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The Art to always be creative
In this book, the artist and advertising expert Evelyn Pröll gives every artist and creative person 36 tools to motivate and inspire at any time. The book shows profound but simple ways to express oneself, to solve creative blockades, to continue artistically, to start or to become creatively more productive.
This book especially helps artists to find their own creative source easily and naturally at any time.
Evelyn Pröll

Evelyn Pröll

Evelyn Pröll was born in 1964 in Bregenz / Austria.
She lives and works in Bregenz and Africa as an artist and advertising expert. In addition to her acrylic paintings, she prefers to work on projects in which she invites people to touch and try out, to intervene and to participate.
For example the project WILLWERDUNG - here 100 women / later 100 men from 100 professions and every age group worked with the question "How do I want to be" .... on their most important values. Through total openness, honesty and real confrontation with oneself, the visible - the blackboard - becomes the expression and carrier of the invisible.
Or with the exhibition PLEASE TOUCH is clear: Images are always generated by the viewer.
People are in the foreground of Evelyn Pröll's quest to find art about truth and to communicate them through art: what drives us? How much influence do we actually have on our actions? How much influence do we have on our lives? What is going on in ourselves? What makes us "good or bad"? How much change is possible?

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