The conman or Of loving and dying

The conman or Of loving and dying

Aurélienne Dauguet


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Erscheinungsdatum: 04.06.2020

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The conman or of loving and dying
This true story unravels astonishing insights into karmic connections and old belief systems which reveal overhauled behaviour patterns.
This journey to the Normandie in search of spiritual interactions with a well-known author displays from day to day unexpected interconnections.
Like in a kaleidoscope, various destinies are unfolding from ancient Egypt to a future, liberating promise full of light. Insights are confronted with unacceptable situations and relationship patterns, in order to place them under the spotlight of consciousness to be transformed and healed.
Reflections and spiritual abilities underline every day of this stay in Northern France. Principles which remain eternally valid protrude out of this entertaining story and offer us a deeper understanding of our own life including the processes of loving and dying.
Aurélienne Dauguet

Aurélienne Dauguet

Aurélienne Dauguet (born in Paris in 1953) has had a pronounced subtle perception since her youth. Initially working as a nurse (plus psychiatric nursing), she is now a lecturer at the Paracelsus schools in Germany and Switzerland for aura therapy, radionics without device, the dying process from a holistic perspective, spiritual healing etc.
The current teaching offer is available from the Paracelsus schools.
Further training: lithotherapy, aura work, aromatherapy, flower and gem essence, radiesthesia, subtle radionics (without device), "Radionic Practitioner" according to the "British Radionic Association" and with David Tansley, Aura Soma ® training with Vicky Wall. Aurélienne Dauguet was one of the first Aura Soma teachers.
The teaching and seminar activities on the topic of aura take place throughout Europe.
For about 30 years she has been offering reading and cleaning of the aura, advice, individual sessions, individual lessons and remote support in German, English and French, both in her own rooms and by telephone.

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