The Flight Log

The Flight Log

Christoph Huebener


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Flying has always been an almost magical fascination. Even in times of global mass travel with huge airliners, you can hardly escape this spell. By how much more pronounced must this attraction be as a pilot of one's own plane?
In his Flight Log, the 1960-born author with over three decades of flight experience up to now, tells exciting short stories about the feeling of freedom, independence and adventure. He tells how for the first time he held the controls by himself, how as an experienced pilot fixed rituals developed with his comrades and how floating above things literally gave him the necessary composure to make important life decisions. But it is not just an autobiographical narrative.
Rather, this book uses individual episodes from the life of a passionate pilot to ask questions about life, uncover interpersonal behaviour and build bridges between people. In this way the reader can also find himself in this book. This makes the Flight Book unique and offers an entertaining and reflective read.
Christoph Huebener

Christoph Huebener

Christoph Huebener, born in 1960, married, father of two children, lives and works in the quiet, rural Schaumburg / Germany. Since 1990, publications as an author and freelance journalist in various print media, own and author blogs, work as a freelance photographer.
He is interested in contemporary history, literature, music and (historical) aviation. He has been an active pilot for approx. 30 years with various licenses, assistance and consulting at countless major air shows and is linked up to the worldwide aviation scene. He has an extensive archive of aviation history and founded Charlie Hotel Aviation (Aviation News Agency) in 2017.

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