Think Like A Boss

Think Like A Boss

How A Strong Mindset Determines Your Success

Luke Eisenberg


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Erscheinungsdatum: 21.08.2018

Sprache: Englisch

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"About the book" Think Like A Boss: How A Strong Mindset Determines Your Success

Too little money, too little time, no desire. What excuse have you been using the most lately? But all these excuses will not help you on your way to a self-determined and independent life. further. Only those who look for solutions and use opportunities will make progress in life.

You will learn how to become successful with the power of your thoughts and why positive is so important. In this guide, you'll learn what tactics you should use to protect your personal success and your dreams, and how you can get closer with the help of the right MINDSET can realize your goals.

"Success starts in the head - with mental strength to success"

Stop dreaming now. Do yourself a favor and take some time for this guide. Take the first step into a happy and fulfilled life. Try it out - it's worth it!
Luke Eisenberg

Luke Eisenberg

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