Viva los Topes!

Viva los Topes!

A journey through Mexico and the Southwestern United States

Monika von Borthwick


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Erscheinungsdatum: 02.09.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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This is the lovingly combined crew of a camper. It consists of two affectionate dogs and one aged lady. These three ladies wanted to experience it again as they had already crossed the North American Continent on their own some years ago.
A woman alone? In a camping car? With two dogs? It is possible! Why, certainly! And, it is fun! In her richly illustrated diary, the author continuously describes her daily experiences and shares her thoughts about the host country. RV travelers are addressed in this humorous work as well as dog lovers or solo traveling women.
Monika von Borthwick

Monika von Borthwick

Monika von Borthwick already belongs to the older generation of travelers and lives in the culturally rich Upper Bavaria on the border with Austria. In addition to her professional activities, for decades she coached bus travelers as tour guides in European countries. Even then she wrote down her experiences extensively about land and people, but without publishing them.
After the death of her husband, she explored numerous areas in Europe on her own with her newly acquired RV and her two dog ladies. Equipped with these experiences, they ventured the leap over the big pond with an organized group a few years ago. During this five-month journey from Washington to and through Mexico she decided to do it again on her own. She discovered the love of storytelling and detailed travel reports were sent home by email.

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