Why Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land

Why Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land

Essays and considerations

Herbert Weiler


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Why was it destined to Moses to see the promised land after the forty-year desert migration, but not to enter it?

15 essays and considerations

Wy Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land
Galileo's telescope
Kamokha und Categorical imperative
The presentness of things
Borderland and hag
Categorical imperative
and the support of deathpenalty
Iteration and Descartes proof of existence
Identity and Homeopathy
They shall be like fish
The mirroring
How the universals became to mass production
The meaning of Sinn and machen in German
The ides of march
Herbert Weiler

Herbert Weiler

Born 1956 - since 1974 studies of free painting and free graphics in Cologne with Pravoslav Sovak and Karl Marx
1978 encounter with the Münchner Rhythmenlehre, from 1983 seminars with Wolfgang Döbereiner - seminar activity on art history and astrology - 1984-1990 lecturer at the Cologne FH für Kunst & Design, seminars on drawing as development of seeing - painter, sculptor, author - astrological consulting and seminar activity, essays

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